How It Works

Sacred Sector Fellowship empowers seminarians to explore their sacred calling in the faith-based nonprofit sector. Each Sacred Sector Fellow will receive a $5,000 stipend for their participation in the ten-week program. The fellowship begins with a ten-day immersive learning experience to explore important topics that uniquely impact faith-based nonprofits. From there, Sacred Sector will partner each fellow with a faith-based nonprofit in Washington D.C. where they will serve with as a strategic consultant over a period of eight weeks. This will allow participants to gain hands-on experience in developing and applying the skills and knowledge they have acquired.


Week 1 – Sacred Sector Intensive: Foundations

Fellows will develop core competencies in public policy, organizational practice and public positioning.

Day 1 - Public Policy Foundations in Public Justice

Day 2 - Public Policy Foundations in Religious Freedom and Faith-Based Organizations

Day 3 - Organizational Practice Foundations in Faith-Based Mission Focus

Day 4 - Organizational Practice Foundations in Standards for Excellence®

Day 5 - Public Positioning Foundations for Faith-Based Organizations


Week 2 – Sacred Sector Intensive: Applying Concepts

Day 6 - Religious Staffing

Day 7 -  Government Partnerships

Day 8 -  Positive Engagement in the Public Square & Advocacy and Lobbying

Day 9 - Nondiscrimination Laws

Day 10 - Family Supportive Policies


Week 3 through 10 – Field Experience

Fellows will assess and facilitate change in their partner faith-based organization.


Week 10 – Capstone & Commissioning  

Fellows will participate in a two-day debrief session. In a roundtable-style format, experts will facilitate and empower the group to learn from one another’s experiences while critically reflecting on their own. This session is designed to help fellows process their experiences and provide practical ways to apply what they have learned as they move forward in their professional callings.


A High Calling

Faith-based organizations need people like you who understand how to empower them to advance their sacred missions in every area of their organizational lives. Sacred Sector helps you fulfill your high calling in the mission field of faith-based work.