Pursue your calling in a faith-based organization.


Sacred Sector Fellowship equips you with skills and experience to be an emerging leader in the faith-based nonprofit sector.

As a current or recently-graduated seminarian, you want to engage in innovative work in the faith-based sector and gain organizational leadership skills, but you may not know where to start. You want to understand the nuances of how faith-based nonprofits can fully exercise their freedom to live out their faith-based missions in public life.

“Sacred Sector has provided me with a holistic framework and strategies to help organizations fully embody their God-given mission. My work with Sacred Sector has expanded my professional connections, developed my resourcefulness and increased my commitment to advancing organizations’ faith-based mission.”
— Ryan, 2018 Fellow

The Program

Part 1: Learn

During a 5-day intensive training, you will learn about the unique challenges and strengths of the faith-based nonprofit sector, understand the public policies that impact their work on a local, state and federal level, gain the knowledge and tools to equip faith-based organizations to adopt organizational best practices, and learn how to communicate a faith-based mission and practices to diverse communities.

Part 2: Develop

After your training, you will be placed with a faith-based organization as a consultant to get real world experience. You will assess the strengths and areas for growth at your host site and create or build upon existing plans to address the host organization's needs.

Part 3: Implement

Once you have created a plan for growth, you will provide those recommendations to your host organization and select two recommendations to implement during the Fellowship. You will present your learning experience, recommendations, and implementation projects to the other Fellows in your cohort.

Discover what Sacred Sector has to offer.

Sacred Sector Fellowship empowers seminarians to explore their sacred calling in the faith-based nonprofit sector. Each Sacred Sector Fellow will receive a $5,000 stipend for their participation in the ten-week program. The fellowship begins with a five-day immersive learning experience to explore important topics that uniquely impact faith-based nonprofits. From there, Sacred Sector will partner each fellow with a faith-based nonprofit in Grand Rapids, Michigan where they will serve with as a strategic consultant over a period of nine weeks. This will allow participants to gain hands-on experience in developing and applying the skills and knowledge they have acquired.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Participating Sacred Sector Fellows will learn and apply a holistic framework called the "Three P's" for guiding a faith-based organization to more fully live out its faith-based mission.


Engage in Public Policy: Understand how faith-based organizations can fully live out their faith-based identities by understanding public policies that impact their work on a local, state and federal level.



Adopt Organizational Best Practices: Gain the knowledge and tools necessary to equip faith-based organizations to adopt organizational best practices in every area of their organizational lives — from human resources, to fundraising, to cultivating a positive culture.  


Develop Strategic Public Positioning: Learn how to equip faith-based organizations to communicate strategically and intentionally to diverse communities about how everything they do is an expression of their faith-based missions.

Sacred Sector Toolboxes

Participants will learn to apply this framework in six key areas through Sacred Sector Toolboxes, which offer a deep-dive on topics that include religious staffing, government partnerships, positive engagement in the public square, nondiscrimination laws, advocacy and lobbying and family-supportive policies.


Standards for Excellence® Code


Fellows will also learn from the Standards for Excellence® code, a national initiative that promotes ethical practices and accountability in nonprofit organizations. The Standards for Excellence® code covers the following areas of nonprofit operations: Mission, Strategy, and Evaluation; Leadership: Board, Staff, and Volunteers; Legal Compliance and Ethics; Finance and Operations; Resource Development; and Public Awareness, Engagement and Advocacy.

Based on fundamental values of honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, responsibility and accountability, the Standards describe how nonprofits should act to be ethical and accountable in their program operations, governance, human resources, financial management, and fundraising.

Sacred Sector Fellowship Application

The Summer 2019 Fellowship will take place in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Each fellow will receive a $5,000 stipend. All current students and recent graduates of seminaries and divinity schools are eligible to apply. In addition to the application, please submit your resume, three references and official transcript to virginia.creasy[at]cpjustice[dot]org

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