Empower your faith-based organization to live out its sacred mission.


As a thoughtful leader in a faith-based organization or church, you want your organization’s operations and services to be consistent with its faith-based mission. Your organization is already committed to serving the community, motivated by its faith-shaped desire for human flourishing. You want to better understand how religious freedom protects your ministry, what internal practices you should adopt, and how to engage public opinion with confidence. You want to better understand the nuances of how to navigate your organization’s faith-based identity in public life, and remain true to its sacred mission.


Our team has the skills and resources to empower your church or organization as it addresses the intricate challenges facing the faith-based sector. We have experience equipping leaders to guide their organizations in understanding and implementing what it takes to thrive, and have developed a wealth of resources to aid diverse organizations as they undertake a variety of organizational, political, legal and cultural challenges. Our team also has decades of expertise in articulating to policy makers and the broader community the distinct, positive contribution of faith-based organizations and why they should be free to serve.

Before engaging with the Sacred Sector team and their resources, I did not understand what I was allowed to do on behalf of my organization, the difference between general advocacy and lobbying, and I was not sure I even could lobby on behalf of my organization as a nonprofit. It is so amazing to know that I can participate as a citizen and so can my organizations.
— Executive Director of volunteer-run prayer ministry

The Program

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Understand and be prepared to respond to public policies that impact your faith-based work

  • Implement organizational best practices that advance your faith-based mission

  • Effectively communicate public positioning regarding how your organization positively and distinctly contributes to society

  • Guide your organization to live out its sacred mission in every area of its organizational life

Part 1: Complete Assessment

Complete a one-on-one assessment to identify the organization’s strengths and areas for growth.

Part 2: Create a Plan

Create or build upon existing plans to address the organization’s needs.

Part 3: Implement Together

Implement the plan through in-person and virtual learning sessions, toolboxes, and peer engagement within the Sacred Sector Community.


A customized plan might include: Creating a strategic advocacy plan, revising the mission statement, developing an employee handbook, strengthening relationships with community leaders, planning for leadership transitions, or pursuing greater financial accountability.


The Framework

Using a holistic framework called the Three P’s, the Sacred Sector Community empowers participants to integrate and fully embody their sacred missions via Sacred Sector Toolboxes, which offer training and practical guidance as they relate to six key areas: Religious Staffing, Government Partnerships, Positive Engagement in the Public Square, Nondiscrimination Laws, Advocacy and Lobbying, and Family Supportive Workplaces.

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Engage in

Understand how your faith-based organization can more fully live out its sacred mission by navigating the public policy context in which your organization operates on a local, state and federal level.

Adopt Organizational Best PRACTICES

Gain the knowledge and tools necessary to adopt organizational best practices from human resources, to fundraising, to cultivating a positive culture.  

Develop Strategic

Learn how to communicate strategically and intentionally to diverse communities about how everything your organization does is an expression of its faith-based mission.

Comprehensive Resources

In addition to the Sacred Sector Toolboxes, participants in Sacred Sector Community will have direct access to tools from Standards for Excellence®, a national initiative that promotes ethical practices and accountability in nonprofit organizations. The Standards for Excellence code covers the following areas of nonprofit operations: Mission, Strategy and Evaluation; Leadership; Board, Staff and Volunteers; Legal Compliance and Ethics; Finance and Operations; Resource Development; and Public Awareness, Engagement and Advocacy.

Based on fundamental values of honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, responsibility and accountability, the Standards describe how nonprofits should act to be ethical and accountable in their program operations, governance, human resources, financial management and fundraising.

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2019 Cohort Schedule


In-Person Session: Kick-off event


Webinar: Religious Staffing


Webinar: Nondiscrimination Laws

Webinar: Government Partnerships


Webinar: Advocacy & Lobbying

Webinar: Family Supportive Workplaces


Webinar: Positive Engagement in the Public Square

Webinar: Practical Applications


In-Person Session: Wrap-up event

Sacred Sector Community Application

Apply now to participate in the 2019 cohort of Sacred Sector Community, which will be hosted in a city in mid-America. Stay tuned for more information about location and details. Not in the mid-America region? Apply early for our West coast cohort in 2020.

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Sacred Sector Community, through the support of the Templeton Religious Trust, empowers organizations to advance their faith-based missions, fully exercise their ability to live out their faith and increase their impact through a unique learning experience.